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Welded Chain

OurWelded Mill & Drag Chains are designed and durable in withstanding the high impact load, high wear, abrasion, and contamination caused by the dusty environment in lumber processing.

Cranked links are welded by an advanced proprietarily-designed automatic welding machine that weld both sides of the seam simultaneously; all attachments are welded on to the chain links using robots to ensure weld quality and dimensional accuracy. Meanwhile, the welding process is carried out in strict accordance with the process assessment requirements for the inspection on weld seam strength, welding penetration, hardness in heat treated parts and other criteria.

The flexibility in combining various components and attachments in forming complete set of our WH and WR narrow series chains and WDH and WDR wide series of welded bent plate chains cater to the diverse demands of various production lines in grains & oils, pulp & paper, lumber processing and other industries.