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Roller Chain(ISO,DIN,BS,GB)

Roller chain is a type of drive chain in a conveyance machinery; it is an important type of chain transmission -- widely used in industrial, agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, etc… equipment which includes printing presses, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, petroleum exploration, equipment driver, etc.

Hengjiu Group's Short Pitch Roller Chain is renowned for its high strength and fatigue resistance. Its dimensions fully comply with ANSI, ISO, and BS standards,can be assembled into single, double, and multiple strands to suit the power requirements and accommodate various configurations of the driven process.

All roller chains of Hengjiu Group have undergone shot peening and pre-drawing processes, that effectively improves the fatigue resistance of the product and reduces the elongation rate during the use of the chain. We also provide approved food grade grease chains according to customer requirements.

Hengjiu Group’s Short Pitch Roller Chains cover the following types.
1、Product Types
●Chains with Attachments A、K、SA、SK、M、D
●Hollow Pin Chains
●Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty Chains
● Cotter Pin Chains
●Straight Plate Chains
●Double Pitch Chains
●Side-bow Roller Chains
2、Chains with Specific Treatments for Improved Operational Functions to Resist Wear, Abrasion, Corrosion, Heat and Ease of Cleaning
●Galvanized Chains
●Nickel Plated Chains
●Chrome Plated Chains
●Dacromet Coated (Zinc Coated) Chains
●Phosphate Coated Chains
●Super Zinc Coated Chains
●Stainless Steel Chains
●O-ring & X-ring Roller Chains