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Stainless-Steel Flat Top Chain

Since the 1980s, Hengjiu Corporation’s Huangshan Chain Company have been developing and marketing stainless-steel flat top chains; thereafter, expanded its product line to plastic chains, chain nets, sprocket wheels and related accessories. With the trust and support of our customers, after 40 years of research and practice, we have achieved some results. Our manufacturing process technology and equipment is market-leading standards and is being referenced to in deriving the GB / T4140 "Flat Top Chains and Sprockets for Conveyors". The main drafting unit of national standards.

The company's test center is equipped with a direct-reading spectrum analyzer, Brinell hardness tester, micro-Vickers hardness tester, metallographic microscope, surface roughness tester, salt spray tester, fatigue tester, impact tester, etc. fully equipped comprehensive flat top chain product inspection and testing capabilities, and developed a series of specific purpose equipment with full intellectual property. The product series are equipped comprehensively; monthly production capacity has exceeded 1.5 million pieces.

Based on the Huangshan Chain’s Beer & Beverage Product Catalogue

There are more than 60 specifications of stainless steel flat-top chain, and its selection should be determined according to the working conditions of the conveyor. The factors involved should include, but not limited to, such as the characteristics of the goods, the requirements of the goods to the environment, the loading capacity, the speed of the chain, the friction coefficient between the chain and the guide rail, the center distance between the driver and driven wheels, lubrication conditions, temperature, etc. Under good lubrication conditions, the transmission line speed of flat top chain can reach 120 m/min.

The technical performance of stainless steel flat top chain mainly depends on its raw materials and technological level of manufacturing process. Different metal materials' characteristics determine the applicable environment and working conditions of flat-top chain products. At present, there are four kinds of chain chain materials for choices: AISI 420, AISI 430, AISI 304 and Special Chromium-nickel Steel. Pin materials are AISI 420, AISI 431 and AISI 304. Among them, AISI 420 chain chain with AISI 420 pin, AISI 430 and Special Chromium-nickel Steel with AISI 431 pin, AISI 304 chain chain with AISI 431 or AISI 304 pinare five assembly methods based on material matching.

Chain and Pin materials Matching Table

Chain Materials AISI 420 AISI 430
AISI 304 AISI 304 Special Chromium-nickel Steel
Pin Materials AISI 420 AISI 431 AISI 431 AISI 304 AISI 431

Chain Strength

Based on the reliable operation of the open-loop structure chain chain with flat-top chain and the failure elongation not greater than 3% of the nominal length of the chain, its strength should be defined as the actual yield strength of the chain.

Taking 38.1*82.6 single-hinged flat-top chains as an example, the yield strength (green zone) of chains with different materials is shown in the following chart.

The following chart shows the test data of 38.1*82.6 single-hinged flat-top chains produced in March 2017 on 300 Tons universal material testing machine.

Wear Resistance of Chains
The wear resistance of the chain mainly depends on the surface hardness and roughness of the chain chain.
The surface hardness range (green zone) of chain incha with different materials is shown in the following chart.

Surface roughness of chains
The surface smoothness of the chain chain is usually determined by the Ra value of the arithmetic mean deviation of the contour.

The maximum surface roughness of chain incha with different materials is as follows.

Stability of Chain Performance
For the chain itself, the shape and smoothness of the surface of the chain chain, the side bending and twisting of the chain, and the gap between the chain chain and the pin shaft are related to many factors.

Taking 38.1*82.6 single-hinged flat-top chain as an example, this paper expounds the control of this quality index in the factory.

The shape of the chain chain is suitable for the transverse movement of objects between multiple chains.

Corrosion Resistance of Chains
The test of JW-60-SS salt spray test machine is consistent with the neutral salt spray test conditions of GB/T 10125 "artificial atmosphere corrosion test salt spray test" standard. The continuous atomization time of the pitting phenomenon for the first time of chain incha of different materials is as follows: Chart: NSS