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Plastic Flat Top Chain

From standard low friction to specialized high-tech materials for very specific applications, the HS Conveyor Chain range is capable of delivering a wide range of solutions for conveyor applications for beverage industry.

High strength materials

For lubricated and dry running beverage applications and also for abrasive applications in glass works, special materials are available, offering high PV resistance and very low friction.

Sliding properties

HS developed kinds of advance material for chain to ensure superior sliding properties,. In many cases these materials are especially defined for conveyor applications and the materials have friction coefficients tailored to the intended application.


Digital products and tooling Design, Verification, Manufacturing, the control of the production process take care of flatness values meeting the highest standards. Together with the optimum sliding properties, this will prevent tipping of the products conveyed.


In case handling a number of different chains are used. Standard chains are used for general conveying of Can, PET, and Glass bottle; High Friction Chains with rubber and super grip top are used for inclines and declines. Chains with rollers are used in lines feeding palletizers in order to reduce the backline pressure and noise. The product range allows standardization of case handling conveyors, as a result of the same Sprockets, Track, Return Roller and Wear Strips.

HS offers a complete range of both plastic and steel chains with 84 mm width, intended for the global beverage standard 85 mm pitch between the lanes of multi-lane conveyors. The straight running HSSP84 and the side flexing HSRP84 are companions, running on the same sprockets. The gap between the different tracks/lanes is minimized compared to the traditional 3.25” chains as well as the gap between the links of the chains, to offer superior product handling and minimize the risks of products falling.

When 1000 series Belts is used for straight running conveying;1060 series with 84 mm wide side flex chain is the ideal product for Combing to use.  Even in the case of small turning radius, these chains still have a maximum supporting area and excellent transmission performance. It is suggested that magnetic side flex chain and Track should be used in the case of higher requirements.

Pin – D type

HSSP84, HSRP84, 1060-FT, 1060-FG, 880TAB chains have the Pin-D type. Once assembled, the pin retention is done by means of geometrical fit instead of mechanical tension on the hinge eyes. This makes the chain less sensitive for attack by chemicals; it also allows assembly and disassembly from both side of the chains and reducing the error.