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Double Pitch Roller Chain

Double pitch precise roller chain is deriving from short pitch precise roller chain with about two times of pitch length, but has same structure formation and size of components. Compare with the short pitch precise roller chain, it is a kind of light-duty chain, it suit for the application with smaller transmission power, lower operating speed and longer conveyor center distance.

The Double-Pitch Roller Chain is an extension of the Short-Pitch type of roller chains. Its pitch is doubled that of the latter. Other structural forms remain the same. Compared with short-pitch precision roller chains, it is a light duty chain, suitable for occasions with low transmission power, low speed, and longer transmission center distance.
Hengjiu Group’s Short Pitch Roller Chains cover the following types.

1、Product Types
Chains with Attachments A、K、SA、SK、M、D、
Hollow Pin Chains、
Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty Chains、
Cotter Pin Chains
Straight Plate Chains、
Double Pitch Chains、
Side-bow Roller Chains、

2、hains with Specific Treatments for Improved Operational Functions to Resist Wear, Abrasion, Corrosion, Heat and Ease of Cleaning
Galvanized Chains
Nickel Plated Chains
Chrome Plated Chains
Dacromet Coated (Zinc Coated) Chains
Phosphate Coated Chains
Super Zinc Coated Chains
Stainless Steel Chains
O-ring & X-ring Roller Chains