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Silent chain

1.Definition of silent chain

Silent chain consists of toothed chain chain lpates that are hinged to each other. The chain plates of adjacent links are staggered to the left and right, and qre coupled by pins,bushes or rollers. The form of pin includes circular single pin,elliptical single pin, double pin, D type single pin, etc. The performance of different types of products varies greatly,and the application conditions are also different.

1.Double pin silent chain

2,Double-Swing silent chain

3.Double pitch silent chain

4.Pin end with laser welding silent chain

Toothed chain is one of the first choice of transmission products in many industries due to its excellent performance of heavy load, low noise, high speed, and durability, including automotive engines, transfer cases, automotive production lines, glass, machine tools, steel rolling transmissions, industrial pumps, steam turbines, petroleum machinery, military equipment, textile machinery, etc. Toothed chain is also commonly known as low noise chain or silent chain.