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Plastic Flat Top Belt

So far, the range of Conveyor Belts varies from half inch small pitch to 2 inch pitch running Conveyor Belt and solutions. The different series are offered in many variations to suit any application.

FT- Belt (Closed Surface)

If products require maximum support, due to their vulnerability or un-stability, and if small particles, such as broken glass, bolts and nuts, or the product itself, could get stuck in the surface of the belt, possibly damaging or jamming the product or the belt. A fully closed surface is used.

FG- Belt (Flush Grid)

An open area surface is used to allow water- or air flow through the belt & to remove debris, making sure the contact surface between the belt and the conveyed product stays clean. The open area varies per belt type.

RR- Belt (Raised Rib)

If (unstable) products need to be conveyed onto or from a belt or chain, Raised Top belts and finger incha are suitable. The fingers of the transfer chain reach into and below the surface of the ribs of the belt. COMB incha are available with longer and shorter fingers; short fingers are normally used in case of a risk of broken glass.

Vacuum Belt(Small Hole)

Vacuum conveyors are mainly used for can making or empty can handling in beverage CAN. Small Holes in a Closed Surface belt enable to handle the empty cans by means of a vacuum underneath the belt.

SGS-Belt (Super Grip Surface)

On inclined and declined conveyors packs or crates can be handled smoothly using surfaces with rubber, on top of a specially prepared module using injection technology, ensuring 100% secure bonding. Super Grip Surface Belt can be used up to an angle of 20 degrees, depending on the pack style and material.

LBP-Belt (Roller surface)

Low Backline Pressure Roller belts handling accumulated products are the best choice. 1005 Roller Belt is recommended for shrink-wrapped packages without solid base and small packages, shrink wrapped packs with a cardboard bottom and larger products. Both executions guarantee optimum product protection and low noise operation.

RBT- Belt (Auto Pitch)

This belt range offers a solution for almost any curved application for after packing