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Brand Story

Cooperation and win-win is the meaning of the Hengjiu’s logo

An enterprise, according to conventional perspective, is seen as factory buildings, equipment, geographical location, etc., but our Real Core is a Formation of a Community of built upon various Invisible Relationships of Six Major Stakeholders, including Customers, Employees, Investment , Suppliers, Partnerships and Society.

Hengjiu brand is a well-known trademark in China and a brand-name product in Zhejiang, and is registered in more than 40 countries such as the United States, Germany, and Russia. CHJC is a leading brand in the fields of three-dimensional garages, forklifts, environmental protection, motorcycles, automobiles, glass bottles and other fields.

Huangshan brand is a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in China's machinery industry, and a famous brand product in Anhui. The HS brand has won high praise from customers in the fields of beer, beverage, cement, metallurgy, grain and oil, and wood processing.

Zhuji Special Chain Shuangli Brand has been involved in many large-scale projects in China's iron and steel metallurgy industry since 1987. The metallurgical chain of Zhuji Special Chain is the preferred brand of many large-scale steel companies.