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Green Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing is one of the main sources to environmental pollution. Hengjiu Group always treats clean manufacturing, energy conservation, and environmental protection with utmost importance in the implementation and erecting production process - from process design to finished product manufacturing, reform raw material selection to packaging choice, the entire process puts focus on environmental protection and energy saving; concurrently, focus on developing and converting customers to adopt maintenance-free, low-noise chain drive products.

1. Hengjiu’s Green Manufacturing Engineering
Starting from factory construction planning, we have sought the inputs of various environmental protection supervisory authorities and process designers, learnt also from fellow foreign manufacturers’ experience, adopting higher environmental protection levels as standard for implementation.

Dedusting Equipment
Sewage Treatment System
Effluent Gas Treatment System
Sludge Treatment Equipment

2. Hengjiu’s environmental friendly machineries enable us in providing premium chain drive system products and solutions
1) Chain drive products for environmental protection equipment like special material like stainless steel scraper chain conveyors in wastewater treatment

2) Rotary electrode plate dust removal conveyor chains and sprockets in dust treatment equipment widely used in metallurgy, building materials production, power generation, etc… industries

3) Sludge handling and dewatering scraper chain conveyors

4) Inverted tooth conveyor system of glass bottle manufacturing

3. Maintenance-free (low maintenance) chain systems
Our Low-Maintenance Chains, including chains with O-ring seals, lubricant retaining labyrinth seal rings, sealed and shielded bearings, oil lubricators, parts with lubricant refilling holes, lifetime-lubricated, sealed (lubrication-free) bushings, etc. Compared with common chains, the life of low-maintenance chains is much longer; hence, increased productivity that significantly reduces resource consumption.