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Synergy and Advancement, Win-Win Cooperation: Huangshan Hengjiu holds 2024 supplier conference


On the afternoon of January 19th, the 2024 Supplier Conference of Huangshan Hengjiu was held at the administrative conference center. Members of the company's leadership team and heads of relevant departments, along with over 60 supplier representatives, came together to discuss future cooperation and development.

Leaders of the Quality Management Department, Procurement Department, and Production Department reported on the performance of suppliers and subcontractors in terms of quality, delivery time, price, and services over the past three years since the outbreak of the pandemic. We collectively anticipated that both new and existing suppliers would take this Supplier Conference as an opportunity to deepen collaborative efforts.

Chief Engineer Zhou Jian read out the "Decision on Commending Outstanding Suppliers and Outstanding Subcontractors for the Year 2023," and company leaders awarded plaques to the recipients of the Outstanding Supplier and Outstanding Subcontractor titles for the year 2023.

General Manager Chen Yibing delivered a concluding speech themed "Synergy and Advancement, Win-Win Cooperation." Chen expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the company to all suppliers for their support over the years. Hope to collectively establish a healthy, orderly, efficient, and mutually beneficial partnership.

During the exchange session, participating representatives actively spoke, reflecting on the three years of challenges and triumphs experienced together with Huangshan Hengjiu amid the pandemic. Expressing confidence in the future collaboration, they anticipated Huangshan Hengjiu's continued growth and leadership in propelling the industry chain upward. The representatives pledged to provide high-quality products and services, actively contributing to Huangshan Hengjiu's high-quality development, with the mutual goal of achieving a win-win situation.

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