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Hengjiu Group held the 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference


On March 2, Hengjiu Group 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held at the headquarters. Our leadership team, department heads, management teams of each subsidiary company, and representatives of various advanced individuals and teams of the group attended this meeting.

At the meeting, Feifeng Shou, Hengjiu Group’s chairman, gave a speech. He said that 2023 is the 70th anniversary since the founding of Hengjiu. In 2023, Hengjiu’s new headquarters factory has been fully and successfully put into use, and has won many honors and certifications in technological innovation, marketing, and management improvement. These are the result of Hengjiu’s insistence on science and technology. A full reflection of innovation and insistence on green development.

And he emphasized, under the development background of the current era, our direction is clear and key measures have been determined. The critical point is everyone’s determination, ability and execution. We should insist on the corporate spirit of "dare to innovate and develop" and high-quality development.

Feng Shou, the general manager of the group, announced the decision to commend the group's advanced leaders in 2023, and hoped that the teams and individuals rated as advanced will continue their efforts and achieve greater results. He hopes that all employees will follow the advanced example and create more achievements in their work in the coming year.

The group team and the general managers of each subsidiary jointly presented awards to various advanced groups and individuals in 2023.

Representatives shared their experiences.

This commendation conference is not only a review and summary of the work of the past year, but also an outlook and plan for future goals.

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